Good Morning Starshine

Good Morning Starshine

album: Hair (Original Soundtrack Recording)

genre: Pop

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Hair Musical Soundtrack
About Us Hair Musical Soundtrack

Hair is a 1979 musical anti-war comedy-drama film based on the 1968 Broadway musical Hair:
The American Tribal Love-Rock Musical
. Set against the backdrop of the hippie 
counterculture of the Vietnam era, the film focuses on a Vietnam War draftee who meets
and befriends a "tribe" of hippies while en route to the army induction center. 


The film was directed by Miloš Forman.  Cast members include John Savage, Treat Williams, Beverly D'Angelo, Annie Golden, Dorsey Wright, Don Dacus, Cheryl Barnes and Ronnie Dyson.

The film was nominated for two Golden Globes: Best Motion Picture – Musical or Comedy, and New Star of the Year in a Motion Picture (for Williams).

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